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- Japanese 44" Cotton Fabrics
- Furoshiki
  ~ Rayon Crepe Furoshiki
~ Large Cotton Furoshiki
~ Recycled Water Bottle
- Sashiko
  ~ Threads - 100 meters
~ Threads - 40 meters
~ Sashiko by Sylvia Pippen
~ Sashiko by Nancy Ota
~ Pat's Sashiko
~ Sashiko Books
- Cording
  ~ Japanese Chirimen Cording
~ Luminesse Hand Dyed Ribbon
~ Hand Dyed Corde
~ Hand Dyed Satin Cord

- Cotton Squares
- Tenugui
- Other Patterns & Fabric Kits
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~ Yukata Cotton

- Fun Things

~ Lacquered Deer Skin Coin Purses
~ No Sew Purse Kits
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Welcome to our Website!
Maeda Importing

Bonsai TreeWe specialize in fabrics made in Japan. We have the widest selection of Furoshiki on the internet. For fans of Sashiko, we also have the largest selection of Sashiko kits, fabrics, samplers, threads and patterns on the internet.

Maeda Importing was started by us, in a desire to share our love of Japanese fabrics. Our appreciation of things Japanese started while growing up in Hawaii. Later in life our trips to Japan allowed us to meet many wonderful artisans and visit interesting factories and shops. This has heightened our appreciation and increased our desire to share what we have found with others. Welcome and arigato.

Pat & Paul Maeda

Operational Philosophy

LanternOur mission is to have fun while profitably providing today’s quilter and sewer with quality Japanese fabrics and other Japanese items that are not found in most American fabric shops.

We enjoy vending at quilt shows, meeting a lot of wonderful people and making many new friends. If you have questions or special requests we will try our best to help.

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